Senior Backend Developer (m/f) for a new Cyber Security venture at FinLeap

Berlin, Germany

Building a good engineering product is in our opinion the most exciting thing in the world. Applying concepts which originated more than two thousand years ago in logic and formalized by lambda calculus (yes, we know the curry-howard isomorphism), combining theoretical concepts with cutting edge technology and healthy pragmatism is what drives our engineering. Does the thought of working in such an environment interest you? Do you already have experience working within the cyber security domain or an interest to do so? Look no further for your next career step — take the leap and join our team as we reshape the industry.

Your Role & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the design and development of our backend architecture
  • Work on the API development with external providers and manage complex integrations.
  • Build microservices architecture.
  • Choose the best technology for the job.
  • Develop data processing and storing mechanisms.
  • Collaborate with front end developers, designers and product people - then we know that design starts with the backend!

Our Perfect Match:

  • Has built API and event-driven systems on message queues (Kafka).
  • Is familiar with at least one programming paradigm except OOP.
  • Experienced with NoSQL databases.
  • Is fascinated by problems and not by solutions.
  • Solid understanding of concurrency and distributed systems.
  • Has strong knowledge in at least one statically typed language (Java/Scala, C/C++, C# etc.).
  • Knowledge of the JVM, preferably experience with Scala.
  • Experienced in the entire project lifecycle, from requirements to CI.
  • Experienced in asynchronous systems and event-driven architecture based on
  • Experience with Functional Programming, being an open source contributor, speaking at meetups and conferences, advanced skills in theoretical computer science or experience in security or FinTech are all a big plus!

About us:

  • We think that the right culture is the key to successfully  approach the growing complexity in the technology industry. Sharing a common vision, getting rational feedback and learning new things are our backbones to build this culture which promotes diversity and open opinions.
  • Become an early member of the founding team in a well-funded, founder led company addressing a real market demand with a unique value proposition.
  • An international working environment (we speak English) that mixes serial entrepreneurs with industry experts, working together to ensure the company’s success, adding excellent learning and development opportunities, and ability to independently drive your area of responsibility and further grow the role
  • Possibility to attend and speak at conferences.
  • Pick your technical gear!
  • We believe hard work and success deserve to be celebrated — both in and out of the office, and offer a wide range of benefits including free breakfasts, training and discounted transport.

Some things we believe in:

  • Removing code is more important than producing code if functionality stays the same!
  • In learn we trust.
  • Transparency and ownership.
  • Fun in computing!

Apply online with your LinkedIn profile or CV.
We're looking forward to being in touch!
Tom from the FinLeap Recruiting Team.